Barbecues—electric and propane

Charcoal BBQs are great for steak. chicken, shishkebobs, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. but it takes quite a while to prepare a bed of coals in a charcoal BBQ, and time to cool down after you are finished cooking, so it is often easier to cook on our propane BBQs. Rotisseries are best for beef and pig roasts. It is very important to build up your cooking bed well before you start to cook. Cooking time is normally 1 hour per 10 lbs. of meat. You should have 7-10 bags of charcoal available. Meats can be injected with marinades. Wrap potatoes in foil and throw them into the coal bed an hour before the meat is ready. You can line the BBQ bed with foil to make cleanup easier. Pick up the spit earlier to have the butcher mount the meat on the spit for you.

Propane BBQs heat up quickly and cool quickly when you are done. We strongly recommend using a minimum of a 40 lb. propane tank to ensure enough pressure to feed all of the burners. We rent 40 lb. and 100 lb. propane tanks if you need them. The BBQs with 2 grilling surfaces use 2 propane tanks and burn hotter than the regular BBQs.

Griddle plates are available at $20.00 each. They are used to grill sausages, vegetables, etc. and go directly on top of the BBQ grills.

Chafing units ae also $20.00 each and they sit on top of the grill to keep cooked food warm without cooking the food further.