Dunk tank waiver—Release form

Required in addition to signed rental agreement form.

To be completed by all participants:

I _____________________________hereby release__________________________
        (Participant)                                         (Name of renting organization or individual)

from any liability, damage or injury that may arise to my person or property from my

participation in the dunk tank and any related activities.

I hereby acknowledge that I have personally agreed to participate in the dunking and related

activities and hereby release and save harmless_________________________________
                                                                        (Name of renting organization or individual)

from all damage, liability, injury or wrongdoing that may arise in relation thereto.

I______________________________certify that I have read and understand my

responsibility in the use of the dunk tank and any other related activities.

____________________________________                       _____________________
Signature of participant                                                             Date

____________________________________                        _____________________
Name of renting organization or individual                                 Date