Chocolate Fountain

1. Begin with a sturdy level surface to ensure proper operation. If your chocolate fountain is not level, uneven sheeting of chocolate over the chocolate fountain tiers can occur. Once the base is level, you can set up your fountain.
2. Pick up the main column and line up the 4 receiving tubes at the bottom of the column with the 4 pegs (3 pegs on the small fountain) in the bowl portion of the fountain base. The fit should be snug when setting the receiving tubes over the pegs. Once column is in place, roll the first o-ring to the bottom tier position. Place the tier on top of the o-ring and repeat process from the bottom up until all tiers are in place. With our NEW adjustable tier system, any number of tiers can be placed in various positions along the column. Create your own chocolate fountain configuration or visit our Chocolate Blog for inspiration on our website:
3. After the base and tiers are attached, insert the stainless steel auger. Be sure the auger is inserted into the main column with the slot in the center of the auger bar pointed down. After inserting the auger into the column, give a slight turn to the auger until you feel the slot at the auger bottom lock into the auger drive key in the center of the bowl base. Finish the fountain assembly by placing the crown on the top of the main column.

Preparing Fundue™ Chocolate in the microwave
1. Place approximately 3 pounds of chocolate wafers in a microwavable safe container. Place open container in the microwave. (If you purchased the 3 pound tub of Fundue Chocolate, simply remove the safety seal and lid and place the open tub in the microwave. The tub is microwave-safe and reuseable.)
2. Heat chocolate on LOW power for 2 minutes. CHOCOLATE WILL BURN IF NOT MELTED ON LOW POWER.
3. Carefully remove container from microwave and stir chocolate. Chocolate will not be fully melted at this point.
4. Repeat heating process (Steps 2 & 3) in 1 minute intervals until chocolate is completely melted.
Melting chocolate in fountain base
Preheat the fountain, set the temperature control for 100°. Add your Fundue™ Chocolate directly to the pan in the fountain base. Gradually increase heat to 125°, stirring frequently to ensure all the
chocolate is melted. Once the chocolate fountain base is loaded with melted chocolate, set heat to 125° and switch on motor. Allow a few minutes for the chocolate to stabilize, then check the temperature of the chocolate. Place a candy thermometer right under the top crown of the
fountain to get an accurate reading (temperature should be 106-108°). Adjust the temperature as needed.
Filling the chocolate fountain
Preheat your chocolate fountain at 100º and add your pre-melted chocolate. The 1BACF27 will hold up to 10 lbs of chocolate; the 1BACF35 and 1BACF40 will hold up to 20 lbs of chocolate.
Pour the warm melted chocolate directly into the bowl portion of the chocolate fountain. Set heat to 125º and turn on motor. Ideal temperature for flowing chocolate is between 106-108º. Adjust accordingly. NOTE: Chocolates like Fundue™ Chocolate, require no additional oil.
However, with some chocolates, oil will be necessary to ensure a smooth, even flow of chocolate through your fondue fountain. A good estimate is 1/2 cup of vegetable oil per 5 lbs of chocolate. Just add the oil directly to the chocolate chips or callets in a microwave safe container prior to
Chocolate Flow
Chocolate flow can be affected by several things. If chocolate does not flow properly after allotted time, switch motor off for a few seconds and turn it back on. This allows the dry spots or air pockets that may have formed in the chocolate to settle.
Make sure your chocolate is fully melted. You may need to add more vegetable oil to your chocolate even if you are using chocolate that does not require oil to be added. As the chocolate heats up and begins to flow in the fountain, oil will evaporate from the chocolate.
Make sure your fountain is level. Adjust the leveling feet on the bottom of the fountain.
Do not place your chocolate fountain directly underneath an air-conditioner vent. Cool air can change the temperature of the chocolate and require the fountain temperatemperature to be raised. It can also blow the chocolate to one side, causing an interruption in the flow.

Chocolate Fountain Cleaning Instructions
1. Make sure the chocolate fountain is turned off and unplugged.
2. Use a rubber spatula or similar utensil to scrape excess chocolate from the tiers into the base bowl.
3. To prevent chocolate from dripping; lift and remove the top cap, auger, tiers and main column and place into a plastic bag. (Top cap, auger, tiers and cylinder can be placed in a dishwasher for cleaning and sanitizing.)
The base contains a motor and other electrical components that will be damaged by water.
Damp cloths should be used to wipe down the outside of the base and the bowl.
4. Allow the base to cool, then use plastic wrap to cover the vent holes and logo cutout to prevent chocolate from getting on the inside of the base. Carefully remove excess chocolate from base. We recommend pouring excess chocolate into a lined garbage can. Never pour chocolate down a sink as it will harden and cause major plumbing problems.
5. Scrape the base clean with a rubber spatula, then using warm soapy water, wipe the bowl clean with a cloth or towel.

Understand your rental contract. Know your responsibility for the equipment you have rented.