Instructions for setting up frame for the games:
Feed the Monkey, Froggy Fly Fling, Soccer,
Golf Challenge, Football toss

Assembly instructions:
1. Select a level area to operate game with plenty of room to allow for a line to form.
2. Assemble framework as shown in picture. Note that the eight longer pieces of tubing are used to form the sides (2 per side) while the four shorter crimped pieces are to be used to create the base. (Be sure to tighten down the fittings using the small bolts on them.)
3. Attach canvas to the framework using the Velcro straps.
4. If using the game outdoors, it is strongly suggested that you use the stakes provided on either side of the bottom supports. Use sandbags on pavement. And in a breeze, use sandbags with the stakes.
5. Never fold up canvas wet. Always allow to dry thoroughly first. Please fold the canvas INWARD to help protect and keep it clean.

Frame set-up diagram:
set-up diagram
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