Candy Floss Machine

1. Place machine on tabletop. Ensure that stabilizing bolts, located on each side of spinning head, are loosened.
2. Place silver dish on machine, being careful to allow the floss spinner free movement.
3. Place the plastic netting on the inside of the silver dish and secure with clips provided.
4. Fill the spinner head with floss crystals, allowing 1/4" space from top. Do not overfill.
5. Turn the heat dial all the way to the right.
6. Turn both the heat and the spinner switches on. These are located below the dial.
7. When floss strings start to appear, turn the heat dial to the left halfway. This is a normal heat setting for making floss. However, the room temperature will affect the heat setting.
8. If the floss is wet when it hits the plastic netting, you will need to turn the heat dial down or to the left. If you hear pinging against the silver dish, the heat dial needs to be turned up or to the right.
9. When the floss has amassed around the inside of the silver dish, you will remove it by using the candy floss cones and turning the floss onto the cones.
10. When you have made enough floss or when the spinner head is empty and no floss is coming out, you must turn both switches off. When the spinner head stops you may refill it with more floss crystals and begin again by turning both switches on.

If the machine has been off long enough to have cooled down, you will have to preheat it by turning the heat dial all the way to the right until the floss starts coming out. If you start the machine right back up, this step will not be necessary.

The machine works by spinning the crystals against a heating element. When the crystals are heated, they dissolve and are sprayed out through small slits on the spinner head. As the sugar spins out, it cools into long floss strings. Therefore, if the heating element is set too high, the floss does not have enough time to cool before it hits the silver dish. And if the crystals are pinging against the silver dish, the heating element is not set high enough to fully dissolve the sugar crystals.