Slushie Machine

Plug the machine into an electrical outlet.
The slushie mix can be mixed beforehand in pails, following the mix ratio instructions on the liquid concentrates.
Pour the liquid into the compartments on top of the machine.
On the control panel, turn the cooling switch and auger switches to the "on" positions. Make sure to turn both compartment switches on if you are using both compartments.
The machine will take about an hour to fully cool the mixtures. The Pina Colada mixture will take slightly longer to be ready.
To serve the slushies, lift the serving handle gently and place your cup under the nozzle.
If you need to refill the compartments you will have to allow time for cooling before serving again. If you can keep the pail in a fridge, it will help the preparation time.

When you are finished, be sure to empty both containers and run clean water through the compartments.