SnoKone Machine

Ice Requirements:
The SnoKone machine can take ice cubes or you may use block ice and break it into pieces about 3" to 4" in size. NOTE: If ice pieces are too large, they will not enter the specially designed shaving chute. Design of this chute automatically draws ice against the blades without any manual effort.

To Operate:
You will note two switches, one marked "Motor" and the other marked "Light". Turn on the Light Switch to illuminate the ice display case. You will want to leave the light on all the time your are in operation. To shave ice, turn on the Motor switch and put ice into the hopper. Repeat until you have shaved enough ice, then turn off the motor.
Take a scoop of ice, put it into a SnoKone and flavour with one pump of syrup.

To Clean:
We expect you to return the machine with all the parts, pump, and dispensers you received with it. We also expect you to wipe the machine out with a damp cloth and return it clean. If parts are missing when you return the machine, you will be charged for them.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our rental equipment and the cleanliness of it when it leaves the store. If for some reason you are not satisfied when you receive the machine, please call us