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Birch arch
$250.00 birch arch birch arch
Balloon-15' String of Pearls arch $50.00 string of pearl arches string of pearls arch
Balloon-15' Double-stuffed 16" balloon arch 90.00 double-stuffed balloons 
Balloon-20' Spiral garland arch 125.00 spiral arch spiral arch
Graduated balloon table top arch 20.00 graduated arch graduated arch
Heart-shaped balloon garland arch 150.00 balloon garland arch 
Lattice arches:
We have round and heart-shaped lattice arches that are great to use as an entrance, a frame for your cake table, and for your ceremony. The arches come decorated with lights, tulle, and ivy, or your choice of floral garlands.
$125.00 round lattice arch heart lattice arch
Grapevine arches:
We have two colour options of our heart-shaped grapevine arches. Both arches come with lighting, and are suitable for ceremonies, cake table decor or entrances.
$125.00 grapevine arch grapevine arch
Wrought iron arches:
We have a round white wrought iron arch and an ivory/gold wrought iron arch. They come decorated with lights and tulle, and ivy or floral garlands.
$125.00 wrought iron arch wrought iron arch
Our garden trellis arch is decorated with lights, tulle and ivy or floral garlands. $150.00 garden trellis arch 
Roman columns arches:
Two Roman columns are decorated with lights, tulle, and ivy. We have 2 heights of columns.
20.00 ea. Roman column arch  short roman column arch
Square Pedestal column—concrete-look
—28" tall
30.00 ea. pedestal column



Perfect for your outdoor ceremony or to create an outdoor feeling inside. Use them over a cake or punch table. Gazebos come decorated with lights, ivy, and fabric.

$350.00 gazebo 
Birch pergola
$350.00 birch pergola birch pergola


Fabric ceilings:
Valenced ceiling treatments finish off a hall beautifully. We use tulle, fabric, or streamers to create a canopied ceiling. From the centre we hang bell cascades, floral garlands, 36" hearts or stars, or if space permits, a 4’ balloon heart sculpture. In areas with high ceilings we often use these ceiling treatments to make a more intimate setting in the hall.
to 650.00
fabric ceiling decor fabric ceiling decor
"Falling Stars" ceilings:
4" and 9" foil stars are spectacular additions to any ceiling. They can be used under a tent or in a house or hall.
per star
falling stars ceiling falling stars ceiling

Balloon Clouds

Balloon clouds are lovely, suspended from a ceiling in a hall. We can join them with streamer or tulle valences, add lighting, or use them with falling stars. They are also used in sets of 3 behind a cake table as a backdrop, in a backyard for decor, or at a driveway entrance to attract attention to the party place. $10.00
to 25.00
balloon cloud balloon cloud

Creative Decor Components

Balloons can be used to create just about anything. We can build large sculptures of palm trees,  walk-through heart-shaped arches, an Eiffel tower, or stairway decor. See more sculptures in our Photo Gallery. balloon sculpture balloon sculpture


Backdrops aren't just for your head table. Use them behind secondary tables — registry, gift, cake — to add elegance and decor around the hall. The cake table is an excellent photo site, so don't forget these important tables. We now have burlap-style backdrop accents.

Solid balloon backdrop-great for stage backdrops $2.00/sq.ft  
Fantasy cloud balloons, with tulle and streamer valence- we make groups of 3 or 5 160.00
to 250.00
cloud backdrop  cloud backdrop
3 balloon clouds with organza tails 150.00 cloud backdrop 
Fabric backdrops-sheer fabric with backlighting and sheer valence (very elegant). We can add your choice of coloured fabric valence, heart or star foil accents, or floral accents to finish off the backdrop. $200.00/10'
fabric backdropfabric backdrop
French door-3- or 5-panel backdrop, with backlighting, side panels and ivy top 160.00/3
3-panel backdrop 5-panel backdrop
French door single section portrait backdrop 75.00 french door portrait backdrop french door single
Lattice backdrop-8' section with mini lights, tulle and ivy or flowers 35.40 lattice backdrop 
Wrought iron backdrops-6 or 9 panels, decorated with fabric, bows, and floral garlands 200.00-
wrought iron backdrop 
Backdrops can also be placed in front of the head table for ceremonies that take place at the reception venue. The backdrop can then be moved behind the head table when the reception or dinner begins.
Exhibition booth for shows 50.00  

Table Treatments

Table treatments for  your registry, gift, cake, buffet, champagne, and head tables start at $250. Decorate these focal tables elegantly using coordinating colours and lighting effects to make them stand out above the rest. Price includes vinyl skirting when required. There is an additional charge for linen skirting.

Fabric drape, no lighting For all these treatments we charge $350 for all focal tables or $150 if just the head table is decorated fabric table drape fabric table drape
Ribbon and bow striping with lights and tulle valence ribbon striping ribbon striping
Tulle, lights, and ivy or floral garlands  
Organza clouds with floral accents-very elegant and soft. The lighting finishes the effect table treatment organza table treatment