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Arches and Balloon Decor

Birch arch
$250.00 birch arch birch arch
Balloon-15' String of Pearls arch $50.00 string of pearl arches string of pearls arch
Balloon-15' Double-stuffed 16" balloon arch 90.00 double-stuffed balloons 
Balloon-20' Spiral garland arch 225.00 spiral arch spiral arch
Circular arch 8'
  -can be custom-decorated to suit your theme or decor
250.00 circular arch
Graduated balloon table top arch 20.00 graduated arch graduated arch
Heart-shaped balloon garland arch 150.00 balloon garland arch 
Lattice arches:
We have round and heart-shaped lattice arches that are great to use as an entrance, a frame for your cake table, and for your ceremony. The arches come decorated with lights, tulle, and ivy, or your choice of floral garlands.
$125.00 round lattice arch heart lattice arch
Grapevine arches:
We have two colour options of our heart-shaped grapevine arches. Both arches come with lighting, and are suitable for ceremonies, cake table decor or entrances.
$125.00 grapevine arch grapevine arch
Wrought iron arches:
We have a round white wrought iron arch and an ivory/gold wrought iron arch. They come decorated with lights and tulle, and ivy or floral garlands.
$125.00 wrought iron arch wrought iron arch
Our garden trellis arch is decorated with lights, tulle and ivy or floral garlands. $150.00 garden trellis arch 
Roman columns arches:
Two Roman columns are decorated with lights, tulle, and ivy. We have 2 heights of columns.
20.00 Roman column arch  short roman column arch


Perfect for your outdoor ceremony or to create an outdoor feeling inside. Use them over a cake or punch table. Gazebos come decorated with lights, ivy, and fabric.

$350.00 gazebo 
Birch pergola
$350.00 birch pergola birch pergola

Balloon Clouds

Balloon clouds are lovely, suspended from a ceiling in a hall. We can join them with streamer or tulle valences, add lighting, or use them with falling stars. They are also used in sets of 3 behind a cake table as a backdrop, in a backyard for decor, or at a driveway entrance to attract attention to the party place. $10.00
to 25.00
balloon cloud balloon cloud

Creative Decor Components—Sculptures

Balloons can be used to create just about anything. We can build large sculptures of palm trees,  walk-through heart-shaped arches, an Eiffel tower, or stairway decor. See more sculptures in our Photo Gallery. balloon sculpture balloon sculpture