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Lighting Equipment


Overhead projector $25.00 overhead projector Photo Booth
—themed backdrops available $24.99-$150.00

The photo booth prints photos onsite and uploads them to a site where the customer can go after the event and use the photos. You can design your own layout and text, or we can do it for you.
3-hr min
Photo booth
Epson HDMI projector 65.00 HDMI projector Screen 70"x70"   20.00 screen

Lighting: Decor Lighting

LED par can —7 colour choices 20.00 LED par can LED wash light—64 colour
choices + UV, super bright
30.00 LED wash light
LED slim par can—64 colour
choices + UV
15.00 LED slim par can LED wash light—profile   LED wash light profile

Lighting: Dance Floor Lighting

Disco light—rotating 20.00 disco light Revo III 30.00 Revo III
Laser light 25.00 laser light Revo IV 30.00 Revo IV
Mirror ball—large, medium
Mirror ball Starburst—64 colours + UV, super bright 30.00 Starburst
Quad phase 30.00 quad phase Strobe light-white, red, yellow, green  15.00 strobe lights
Rotating motor-battery
operated and plug 
10.00   Vertigo 25.00 Vertigo

Lighting: Special Effects

Compact hazer 40.00 compact hazer Micro galaxian laser  10.00 Micro galaxian laser
Fog machine
 -solution, price for 1 litre
fog machine Micro 3D laser 20.00 Micro 3D laser
Firefox RGB DMX laser 50.00 Firefox laser UV cannon 65.00 UV cannon
Boom box FX1
click this link for instructions
70.00 Boom box FX1      

Lighting: Miscellaneous

575 watt follow spot—stand
45.00 follow spot DMX controller 20.00  
12" square truss—8 ft.section
-10 ft. section
  Lighting stand—T-bar included 10.00  
Black backdrop—40 ft. length, 20 ft. height 150.00   Podium 40.00