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Table and Ceiling Treatments


Fabric ceilings:
Valenced ceiling treatments finish off a hall beautifully. We use tulle, fabric, or streamers to create a canopied ceiling. From the centre we hang bell cascades, floral garlands, 36" hearts or stars, or if space permits, a 4’ balloon heart sculpture. In areas with high ceilings we often use these ceiling treatments to make a more intimate setting in the hall.
to 650.00
fabric ceiling decor fabric ceiling decor
"Falling Stars" ceilings:
4" and 9" foil stars are spectacular additions to any ceiling. They can be used under a tent or in a house or hall.
per star
falling stars ceiling falling stars ceiling

Table Treatments

Table treatments for  your registry, gift, cake, buffet, champagne, and head tables start at $250. Decorate these focal tables elegantly using coordinating colours and lighting effects to make them stand out above the rest. Price includes vinyl skirting when required. There is an additional charge for linen skirting.

Fantasy cloud balloons, with tulle and streamer valence- we make groups of 3 or 5 160.00
to 250.00
cloud backdrop  cloud backdrop
3 balloon clouds with organza tails 150.00 cloud backdrop 
Fabric drape, no lighting For all these treatments we charge $350 for all focal tables or $150 if just the head table is decorated fabric table drape fabric table drape
Ribbon and bow striping with lights and tulle valence ribbon striping ribbon striping
Tulle, lights, and ivy or floral garlands  
Organza clouds with floral accents-very elegant and soft. The lighting finishes the effect table treatment organza table treatment