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102 King St. West
Bowmanville ON Canada
L1C 1R5

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Fundraising rentals and Games

Big Splash
—for indoor or outdoor use
$150.00 Big Splash Kick and Score 60.00 Kick and Score game
Bocce  40.00 bocce Money vault
—money not included
125.00 money vault
Bubble machine 25.00 bubble machine Plinko 60.00 Plinko
Candy floss machine 
—supplies are extra
60.00 candy floss machine Popcorn machine 
-with cart
—supplies are extra
popcorn machine
Candy floss machine with cart 
—supplies are extra
90.00 cotton candy cart Promo Wheel 25.00 promo wheel
Cash box 7.50 cash box Quarterback Toss 60.00 Quarterback Toss
Duck pond with ducks 60.00 duck pond Raffle drum—small
raffle drum
Dunk tank  150.00 dunk tank  Ring Toss 60.00 ring toss
125.00   dinosaur Sally Seal Break-a-plate 60.00 break a plate
Easy Slammer
(has to be towed)
125.00  Easy Slammer Slapshot 60.00 slapshot
Electronic Basketball 125.00 Basketball Slushie machine
—supplies are extra
150.00 Slushie machine
Feed the Monkey  60.00 feed the monkey SnoKone machine
—supplies are extra
60.00 SnoKone machine
Froggy Fly Fling 60.00 Froggy Fly Fling SnoKone machine with ice bin 

Ice bin alone

—supplies are extra

ice bin
Fog machine
—supplies are extra
45.00 fog machine Sombrero Toss 60.00 Sombrero Toss
Golf Challenge 60.00 Golf Challenge game Teen Striker
(smaller than Easy Slammer
and not towable)
100.00 Teen Striker
Helium tank

curl ribbon $5.00/roll
100 helium-grade balloons $15.99

helium Tic Tac Toe 60.00 Tic Tac Toe
 Hot dog roller  60.00 Hot dog roller Tug o' War rope  25.00 tug o'war rope
Jumping castle -per day
-4-hr rate
jumping castle Tumbling Ducks with Nerf shooter 60.00 Tumbling Ducks game
Personalized fluorescent banner 25.00   Volleyball net and ball 20.00  
Games for sale: 3-in-a-row, bean bag toss, can toss, clothespin drop, egg relay, parachute, potato sacks, 100 ct. balloon bag